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Entrepreneurship, Career & Life Reinvention, Health Coach, Fitness, Recruiting, Training, Teaching, Motivational Speaking 

Certified Life Coach (CoachInc),

Certifed Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer –ACE
Lifestyle and Weight Loss Consultant (ACE) 

Professional Recruiter

But in the summer of 1982, I contracted Hepatitis A (from some bad seafood) and within 2 weeks, my weight dropped 15 pounds (mostly muscle) I was weak and chronically fatigued for over 2 months. Just as I was beginning to feel better, I got pregnant! This was great news, but it took my entire pregnancy just to get my strength back to normal, and another 6 months after she was born to regain the added strength and cardio levels that I had 
prior to my illness. I was back! I had finally tapped into a successful formula for sustained energy!

I began to meditate and study yoga and in turn, taught my clients how to meditate and began to teach them yoga. I coached them on how to create their lives to honor what was most important to them, to learn how to hold a clear vision of whom they are and where they would like to go, and still be able to be there for their families. Together, we developed sustainable systems to support all that is important to them around their health, relationships and careers and they have learned resilience.I continued in my journey, by studying and becoming a life coach, and have found this to be a wonderful vehicle for sharing, supporting, and eliciting lifestyle change for women like myself. 

In September of 2003, having sold our primary residence in Arlington & renting a townhouse, my husband, Ralf and I decided to live part-time on Martha’s Vineyard. We commuted every week back to Arlington, to run our IT recruiting business and my coaching & personal training business. We loved having a “week-end” Vineyard lifestyle and fantasized about “someday” working and living on the Island. in late 2006, my step-son was diagnosed with colon cancer. Luckily, through surgery, and a year of chemo-therapy, he was able to pull through, but not being in a position to work for a year, with an ex-wife, kids and mortgage to support – Ralf and I  financially supported them. And Ralf needed me to re-join him in running the IT recruiting business – in doing so I had to  reduce my coaching & personal training hours. This was the right decision at the time, because with my contribution as an active recruiter, we were able cover the expanded “monthly nut”. But then it happened. The stock market crash of 2008.

Teri Pirozzi -Martha's Vineyard Women's Coach
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a little bit more....

This has been a life-long journey for me. As a child and teenager, I had no body confidence; I did not play sports or have any sense of what my body was. At the age of 18, I discovered modern dance at college, and for the first time, I began to feel my strength and power in my body. This was an amazing epiphany for me, but along with that came a high level of scrutinization. Between the mirrors that surrounded me, the self-criticisms of the other dancers, and the demand from the dance instructors to lose weight, I began to see myself as hopelessly imperfect, and embarked on my first diet. 

When the stock market bottomed out, the IT recruiting flat-lined, our finances were depleted, so we decided to reduce our over-head and move full-time to our home in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. Initially, I began to rebuild my coaching practice & thought I would start-up a personal training practice, but it was not the best time in the economy to begin a new practice. So with absolutely no experience in hospitality, I obtained a position as front office manager with a large Island resort hotel. (and hired Ralf as our concierge!) I was grateful to have the job- learned so much about the hospitality business as well as assisted in running weddings. In 2011  Ralf & I  took a leap of faith, and began a private transportation & tour business http://www.resortman.com, then in 2017. bought 2nd biz Martha's Vineyard Tours & Transport.  So together, we run both full-time May-October, and I continue to coach, inspire & empower women & am blessed with living on Martha's Vineyard, doing  work I  love. 

I left the world of dance in my early 20′s, ( and was happy to be free of the body-perfect obsessed world.  By the time I was 26, I was too thin and really unhealthy. I finally quit smoking and began to run.  but it felt so amazing. And yet, I still felt weak. At about the same time, I read an article about a dancer  who said she lifted weights.  So I cut it out and began to follow the routine with some dumbbells and a bench in my basement. From there I began to add aerobic dance to my routines. I felt strong, and centered. I began to study nutrition, 
and learn how to eat more healthfully and to learn to listen to what my hunger was all about. Slowly I brought my weight up to a perfect, healthy place. 
This was such an exciting feeling!

I continued on this regimen and my confidence in myself and what I could take on in life, increased substantially. Just as the personal training profession was beginning to take off (about 1988), I made the decision to study, get certified and become a trainer. (One of the first to be certified.) Now I was excited to share my love of fitness and nutrition, and early on I realized that I preferred to work almost exclusively with women.  Together, I coached my clients to learn how to become stronger, eat healthier, and get that sustained level of energy for them. And so my business grew. I had a beautiful private studio. I hired other trainers to work for me. I built a successful business. But I also had a lot of personal stress building up in my life. With the recession of the early ’90′s, came a drop in my husband’s business, so I needed to push my business to grow to help support the family. In addition, my invalid mother-in-law moved in with us (for a year between independence and nursing home) and  although we had visiting nurses, I had to help with much of her day-to-day care. Then my father-in-law was hospitalized for several months and died, so I needed to be a huge support for my husband. And I had my daughter to take care of. I was trying to be all things to all people and suddenly one day  I began to hyperventilate. I realized that I had been putting everyone else first, and risking my health to do so. It was from that day forward that I began to practice having a balanced lifestyle. To learn how to breathe, how to pace myself, how to give myself down time, to say no, to fully realize what my priorities were. It was the beginning of learning sustained serenity.